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Better Days Community

Better Days is a cancer support community. What makes it different is we’re not just gathering as cancer warriors, cancer survivors, or love givers. We are not just gathering to air out our concerns. The Better Days community is meant to help you navigate your cancer journey. What you’ll get: coaches holding space for you […]

Faithful Journey

Sometimes our gifts allow us to share our story – and sometimes our experiences bring our gifts that we didn’t even know were there. My cancer journey taught new valuable lessons when it comes to personal wellness – and as difficult as my journey was, it also offered me wisdom that I wouldn’t have gotten […]


We hear and see this word quite often. Being courageous can mean doing daring and heroic acts – but there’s also a more tender side to it. I love how Brene Brown described what courage is: “Courage is a heart word. The root of the word courage is cor–the Latin word for heart. In one […]