Better Days Community

Better Days is a cancer support community.

What makes it different is we’re not just gathering as cancer warriors, cancer survivors, or love givers. We are not just gathering to air out our concerns. The Better Days community is meant to help you navigate your cancer journey.

What you’ll get:

  • coaches holding space for you – emotionally, spiritually, mentally
  • prompts on how to pivot for the day
  • meditations
  • quotes, articles to navigate on your cancer journey
  • heart work – something that you can do for yourself

The Better Days community is a group of cancer thrivers. It is not just about how to survive the cancer journey, but how to thrive. All of us whether you are a cancer warrior, cancer survivor, a caregiver – all of us are exactly where God wants us to be. This community is all about looking for that right perspective that will get us through this hump. Cancer is not random. Wherever you are in your cancer journey, may you embrace the fact that you did not just get this without any reason. You are exactly where God wants you to be. There are lessons, there are things to be learned, and that is the inspiration behind Better Days.

To help you get through the tough times, think that after whatever it is that you’re going through, better days will come. Better days will be in our space sooner than you think. That is why our community is called Better Days.

We are encouraging you if you know of anyone who just have been diagnosed with cancer – that is the toughest part of the journey, you’re still in the shock phase. If you have friends, relatives, loved ones, and you think that Better Days Community can help… Please invite them, reach out to us so we can properly handle their entry in the community. Please spread the news that we have a community like this. We are going to be a great, dynamic, fun-filled community. We will respect whatever religion you have because we believe that we have the same God. Whether you’re a Buddhist, a Catholic, you’re in the renewal, you’re Born Again, this is not about religion. This is about the community getting together and trying to experience the power of having to walk in this journey with the group of people who a) understands how you feel and b) can speak your language. We will try to create a very safe space for all of you.

The very reason for Better Days is, no one should be deprived access to a community like this and money should not be an issue.

You do not have to go through this cancer journey alone. Welcome to Better Days! Together, let’s all look forward to better days ahead.

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