Faithful Journey

Sometimes our gifts allow us to share our story – and sometimes our experiences bring our gifts that we didn’t even know were there.

My cancer journey taught new valuable lessons when it comes to personal wellness – and as difficult as my journey was, it also offered me wisdom that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

I believe that our unique gifts are intertwined with our story or our personal experiences.

Underneath all the rubble was gold – and what started as a simple desire to help one person going through the same thing has expanded to a purpose bigger than myself.

Getting a cancer diagnosis is daunting, not just for cancer warriors but also to the people around them, but a diagnosis is NOT YET the end of the line.

You have a choice: Do you stop living or seemingly put your life on hold or do you start living it in full color?

I know that living life in full color as a cancer warrior is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you don’t know anyone who has gone through the same experience.

This is exactly why I decided to serve as a life doula: I want to empower cancer warriors so they can live a full and purposeful life despite cancer.

Being a life doula means taking on two important roles. As a conduit, I help connect the patient with the family, and oftentimes, with the doctors.

I also take on the role of helping the patient execute their life wishes to spare their family from the burden because it takes a toll on their emotions as well.

As a life doula, I help patients deal with the emotional, mental and spiritual roller coaster that comes with battling sickness.

More importantly, I guide them in making choices that will allow them to have quality of life even while undergoing treatment.

I believe that our need as humans to feel seen, heard and connected becomes stronger when the present looks dreary.

I want to be able to create a safe and sacred space for people going through sickness so that they can still greet each day with an empowering perspective.

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